This ministry helps people at all stages of spiritual maturity to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We strive to transform our people into lifelong students of the Bible and to develop their ability as teachers and servants to share God’s love.

AZCCBC is a non-profit organization operated by southeastern AZ churches of Christ and provides a facility to allow religious organizations to provide unique spiritual, learning and fellowship activities far away from the distractions of the city. AZCCBC is nestled on Mount Graham in the Coronado National Forest near Safford, Az.

CCE is operated jointly by the Palo Verde Church of Christ and Camp Christian Echoes Corporation in Tucson, Arizona. CCE is nestled in a quiet valley just northeast of the Huachuca Mountains in southeastern Arizona and is surrounded by the Coronado National Forest. 

This ministry actively monitors, encourages, and assists the Palo Verde family.

This ministry partners with parents to be a resource and encouragement in this task. Our primary mission in children’s ministry is to spiritually develop one child at a time. The Elementary Education ministry seeks to involve teachers, parents, and all church family members in training up children of faith who show the love of Christ to the world and to each other. We strive to create a happy environment where trained teachers present [Jesus through] Bible principles, study skills and encouragement that can equip children with a lifelong love for our Lord and His church.

The benevolence ministry attempts to meet short term needs of visitors and members for food and basic staples.

Leadership Training For Christ (LTC) is a nation-wide program of the churches of Christ which seeks to mentor students in ways of serving God while exploring and developing their own unique talents and interests.   Students in 3rd through 12th grades partiipate in individual.and group actiivities throughout the fall and spring, culminating in an annual regional convention over Easter weekend.  We are fortunate that this event is held here in Tucson, but Christians from all over the southwestern United States travel to share and celebrate together.  Below is a list of some activities offered by LTC.

Lifegroups are simply small groups of people that gather together outside a corporate church meeting. Lifegroups are the means through which we provide that family environment where ministry is taken to a relational level.

At Palo Verde, we have a free market model of lifegroup ministry. All this means is that our lifegroups are based around the idea of common interest. So, in other words, if you like to do something, just take it and do it with Palo Verde. If you like to grill steaks, join a backyard bar-b-que lifegroup. If you like to read and discuss Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, join a Bible study life group. If you like to be creative, join an arts and crafts lifegroup. If you like to pray, join a prayer lifegroup.

By creating lifegroups based off of common interest, we create an arena for relationship to form naturally. And these relationships then open the door to fellowship, discipleship, and even evangelism in ways that a weekend worship service simply can’t.

The free market approach to lifegroup ministry offers a variety of lifegroups for a variety of people that have a variety of interests. We’re sure to have one that fits you just right.

Our ministry seeks to provide growth and service opportunities for the PV men and their friends.

This ministry builds relationships in our community so that we seize opportunities to share about the saving relationship that comes only through Jesus Christ. The website, as well as, social media sites are also used to provide initial contact points for those seeking information about PV.

This ministry is to provide guidance and assistance for life needs of our former military personnel.

PV family members call or visit our guests, ill, hospitalized, elderly and shut-ins to bring encouragement and determine needs that can be addressed.

Provide information to our members and people looking for a church family and personal growth opportunities.

This ministry assures visitors and members are greeted with the love of God and encouraged to return and be a part of our family.

This ministry seeks to provide opportunities for closer relationships between the women and girls of the church, as well as, provide personal growth and service opportunities for women and their friends.

"He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him. Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."  I Thessalonians 5:10

Provide an environment where all can enter into a true fellowship with God through Jesus Christ. Also, it is to educate our members by studying God’s word; as well as the teachings of Jesus and how we can apply the Good News to our everyday lives. This also coordinates all who serve on Sunday so as to remove all distractions from worshipping God and encouraging each other.